The Geelong Vietnam Veterans Military Museum, located in Osborne House, is open each week day from 10.00am – 3.00pm for the general public, and if larger groups wish to view the displays they are asked to contact the Vietnam Veterans Centre on 03 5277 0311.

The Vietnam Veterans Museum provides a visual, written and artefact display of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War (1962 – 1972) from the perspective of the individual soldier, whether they were with the Army Navy or Air Force. It also covers the events after the troops returned to Australia. There static displays, audio-visual presentations and written documents related to the Vietnam conflict.

Nearly all the items on display have been donated by Vietnam veterans themselves and represent many personal and cherished items. After viewing the displays and talking to the veteran you will gain a better and informed picture of the Vietnam War and its impact on the soldiers themselves, their familes and the Australian public.

The Vietnam War was a controversial war caused by the political upheaval within Australia at the time and up until the Afghanistan War was the longest war Australian troops had been involved in in the history of the country.

The Vietnam Veterans Military Museum is managed by local Geelong Vietnam veterans and they are very pleased to share their story with visitors.

The G&DVVAA Museum is currently closed whilst urgent maintenance is carried out on buildings in the Osborne House precinct.

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