Australian Defence Veterans Covenant/Veterans Card

Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant


Yellow banner with a red poppy and the words Veteran CardThe Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant was announced by the Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, and the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, the Hon Darren Chester MP, on 27 October last year.

The Covenant encourages Australia to recognise and acknowledge the unique nature of military service, and support veterans and their families.

The Covenant includes an oath, which the Australian people will be encouraged to take at community commemorative events, such as Remembrance Day.

The new Veteran Card and an Australian Veteran Lapel Pin and a Reservist Lapel Pin underpin the Covenant.

The intention of the Covenant is to provide employers, businesses, local communities, and veteran and sporting organisations the opportunity to commit to supporting veterans and their families.

Veteran Card

Veteran applicants, new to DVA, can apply for the new Veteran Card by creating a MyService account and, there, request a Veteran Card.

Please note

  • This is the commencement of the implementation of the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant.
  • Registration is aimed at applicants new to DVA.
  • Current DVA health card holders will be issued with the new Veteran Card over the coming months.
  • Registration includes the following:
    • As a veteran you are eligible for free treatment under the Non Liability Health Care (NLHC) arrangements for mental health, should you ever need it
    • During the application you will be asked to provide your bank details, as you may be eligible for a fortnightly payment supplement, associated with the NLHC arrangements
    • Applications received prior to 18 February 2019 may receive an interim physical card by post, with the new physical Veteran Card following a few weeks later.
  • The Government is working with Australian businesses and community organisations to discuss tangible recognition and services for Veteran Card holders.
  • More information, including a list of participating businesses, will be available on this website over the coming weeks.

The Veteran Card will make it easier for Australians to recognise and respect the contribution that veterans have made to Australia and for our veterans to connect with the broader Australian community.

The Veteran Card is available to anyone who has served in the Australian Defence Force with at least one day of continuous full-time service.

Eligible Reservists, including those engaged in Disaster Relief Service, Border Protection Service, or involved in a serious service-related training accident, will also be able to request a Veteran Card.

The card will help Australian businesses, service providers and community organisations to identify veterans so they can offer their acknowledgement and respect. For example, the card could provide a platform for businesses and community groups to provide tangible recognition and service to holders of the card.

It is important to note that the respective business or organisation determines what concessions, if any, they choose to offer to a veteran and their family. There is no obligation for a business or organisation to offer a concession. 

The appearance of the Veteran Card is a rebadging and redesign of DVA’s current health treatment and concession cards (Gold, White and Orange).

Existing DVA health cards (Gold, White and Orange)

All existing DVA health card holders (Gold or White) and concession card holders (Orange) do not need to apply. Your existing services and entitlements are maintained. Health providers and participating businesses will recognise your existing card.

The new-look card will be issued to you automatically over the coming months, along with a Veteran Lapel Pin and Oath as part of a phased roll-out. Orange Card holders will also receive their new-look card in due course.

The Oath

A key objective of the Covenant is recognition and support of the Australian community for veterans and their families.

The Oath is a declaration on behalf of the Australian people to give an enduring and formal recognition of the valued contribution that current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their families make today, and have made in the past, to our country.

The Oath is not intended to replace the Ode, but is an additional commitment of respect to Australia’s military veterans.

The Oath may be said at special events such as community commemorative events, such as Remembrance Day.

Veteran Lapel Pin and Reservist Lapel Pin

The Veteran Lapel Pin and Reservist Lapel Pin provide a way for the public to recognise and connect with veterans and acknowledge their service to the nation. The pins will help identify veterans when they aren’t wearing their uniform or medals.

The pins will be available for distribution in the first half of 2019.

Further information

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